CMP Initiative

To have a strong and solid foundation at the primary level CMP is implemented for qualitative improvement and strengthening of Primary education to achieve the goal of all round development of the child.

The main agenda:

1. Stress on Spoken English.

2. Framing and conducting of pulse test.

3. Reframing of evaluation system.

4. Redistribution of syllabus.

5. Re-evaluation of20% answer-sheets of half-yearly and session-ending exams.

6. Cluster level activities and competitions.

7. Best use of TLM.

8. Supervision of HMs to be more thorough to make the teachers aware of their weaker areas.

9. Excursions.

10. Use of LCD for showing films, photocopier, computers.

11. Regular Film shows and their review by students.

12. Class magazines are published to enhance creative writing.

13. Celebration of important days.

14. Different clubs are created under CMP.

      1. Sports Club

      2. Music Club

      3. Cleanliness

      4. Gardening Club