The achievements of the Vidyalaya in Games and sports for the last years are as under:-






Regional Basketball U-19 was organized in this vidyalaya from 20.08.2014 to 23.08.2014.
KV No.5 won the bronze medal.
Mohit of Class 12th got silver medal in Judo.
Rajiv of class 9th got Silver medal and Ajay of class 12th  got Bronze Medal in Regional Taekwondo.

Momin Shahmad of class 10th’B’ and Momin Wakif of class 8th ‘A’ selected to participate in KVS Nationals’. (Basketball)
Sushila Yadav of Class 10th Participated in KVS National Games at Ahmedabad.  (Handball)


KVS Regional Sports Meet Basketball U-19 (Boys) was organized in this Vidyalaya from 10.08.2015 to 12.08.2015.
KV No.5 Bathinda won the Silver Medal.
1 Student got Gold Medal in Boxing (U-14).
One Student won the Bronze Medal in Taekwondo (U-17).
Shalini Das won 4 Gold Medals in different activities in Athletics i.e. 100 mtr, 200 mtr, 80 mtr hurdles and Relay Race.
Juhi Mishra won the Silver Medal in 80 mtr Hurdles.
Vaishnavi won the Silver Medal in Shot put.
Athletics Relay team of this Vidyalaya won the Gold Medal in (4x100 mtr) Relay Race.
One Student won the Gold Medal in Double Touch Rope Skipping.
One Student won the Silver Medal in 30 seconds Rope Skipping Event.

National Level Selection:
Momin Shahmad of class 11th’Sci’, Momin Wakif of class 9th ‘A’ and Manish of Class 12th‘Comm’ in Basketball.
Saksham of Class 8th ‘B’ in Chess.
Mansi and  Chanchal of Class 9th ‘A’ in Rope Skippping.
Sandeep of class 7th ‘B’ in Boxing.


Basketball(U-19 Boys) – Ist Position

Basketball(U-14 Boys) – IInd Position

Boxing(U-14 Boys)  - 02 Gold, 01 Silver

Taekwondo(U-14 Boys) – 01 Silver

Taekwondo(U-17 Boys) – 02 Gold, 03 Bronze

Taekwondo(U-19 Boys) – 01 Silver

Rope Skipping(U-14 Boys) – 02 Silver, 02 Bronze

Rope Skipping(U-14 Girls) – 02 Silver, 02 Bronze

Rope Skipping(U-17 Girls) – 01 Silver, 01 Bronze

Chess – 01 Gold


National Sports Meet – 2016


Basketball – 4 students

Rope Skipping – 5 students

Boxing – 2 Student

Chess – 1 Student

Taekwondo- 02 Students

(01 Student in Boxing got 3rd Position in KVS National Sports Meet)